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Property values have come roaring back. Many can now refinance their loans by virtue of having additional home equity. And increased property values can also put homeowners in a better financial position to sell their home without entering short sale territory. But the fact remains: Everyone wants to attain maximum value for their real estate and home repairs can help. So what’s the best barometer of a home’s true worth? Simple: the amount a ready, willing and able buyer is willing to pay at any given point in time. Unfortunately, appraisal estimates can be skewed, especially when not all the home repairs and improvements are taken into consideration. This is why you should weigh all home improvement decisions carefully before you commit. When You’re Refinancing Unlike in years past, the weight of an appraisal to determine the home value for the purposes of refinancing a mortgage is based upon the facts (which are primarily based on other homes that have sold) and what the property description is. Improvements that may help a refinance valuation:

  • Additional bedroom or bathroom
  • Addition to the lot size
  • Addition to the garage
  • Improvement that expands the “use” of the home

When it comes to improvements such as landscaping, painting, any home improvement more “cosmetic” in nature, realize that the primary benefit is for the enjoyment of the property, not for trying to influence value. When Selling A home buyer is going to take into consideration all of the facts associated with the property, location, lot size, square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as additional cosmetic improvements that have been done that add to the look and feel of the home. Improvements that may help a sale price:

  • New paint job
  • Freshly maintained landscaping
  • Remodeled and/or upgraded interior
  • Deck and/or patio addition
  • Additional bedroom or bathroom
  • Addition to the lot size
  • Addition to the garage

What’s the Biggest Bang for Your Buck? These include the high-ticket items that increase square footage. An additional bedroom or an additional bathroom increases the square footage, which in turn allows an appraiser to make higher adjustments when determining valuation against other comparable homes around the subject property. Refinancing Let’s say you have funds ready for possibly improving your home for long-term enjoyment. Instead of using the funds to make home improvements in an attempt to enjoy your home more, you might actually see a greater benefit if you used that money toward a refinance. Over time, the money you save from refinancing could then be put toward those home improvements down the road. Selling in the Near Future   Typically, you won’t get a dollar-for-dollar recapture on the home improvement cost, even when selling. Because the weight is given to improvements that expand the use of the house (i.e. bedroom, bathrooms, etc.), it’s more common to expect 20 cents on the dollar, or maybe 30 cents on the dollar, depending on the improvement in such a scenario. Because the market is the strongest indicator of price, the market will dictate sales price followed by additional improvements and subsequent marketing of the home.

Homes for Sale Firestone, Colorado – Northern Colorado

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Homes for sale in Firestone Colorado SEARCH below to find your next home or Contact Mike Nelson at 720-999-6818 to learn more about Firestone Real Estate

Homes for sale in Firestone Colorado

Firestone is a rapidly growing community with a comprehensive plan to provide diverse retail, housing and employment opportunities. Responsible governmental leadership, a unique location and a high quality of life make Firestone equipped for new business development in all commercial and retail sectors.
Firestone is located just 20 minutes north of Denver along the 1-25 corridor, minutes north of the Northwest Parkway and E-470 with direct access to Denver
International Airport.
Firestone’s boundary is approximately 7,412 acres or 11.6
square miles with a planning area of approximately 26 square miles.
Firestone has 18 parks and 5 miles of trails connecting to the regional St. Vrain Legacy Trail and the Colorado Front Range Trail system.
Firestone continues to experience significant residential growth over the past decade. Firestone has averaged an annual 43 percent population increase throughout the past 10 years.
development is shown below:
Residential, Commercial, Employment and Mixed Use
Over 57 major residential, commercial, employment and
mixed-use developments
1,050 Jobs (estimated)
Trade Area
Residential, retail, office and industrial planning and
development continues throughout the southwestern Weld
County area and the eastern Boulder County area. Southwest
Weld County
is one of the fastest-growing regions in Northern Colorado
and Firestone is a major factor in that growth. Weld County Colorado has
experienced an average annual 40% increase in housing units over the past 10
years according to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau.
10,147 (2010 Census)
432% growth rate over the past 10 years (2010 Census)
3,478 (actual March 2011)
Vision Statement
The Town of Firestone
is a unique community of citizens, businesses, and governments that are united
in creating a stable, safe, prosperous, and healthful environment in which to
live, work, worship, learn, recreate and exercise the rights and freedoms
provided by the United States Constitution.


Homes for sale in Louisville Colorado SEACRH below to find your next home or Contact Mike Nelson at 720-999-6818 for more information on Louisville’s Real Estate
Homes for sale in Louisville Colorado
The City of Louisville has often been recognized for its livability. Most recently, Money Magazine named Louisville #1 in 2009, and then in an unprecedented action again named Louisville #1 in its 2011 “Best Place to Live” issue. Many things contribute to this exemplary quality of life and positive economic condition including 1,700 acres of open space, dozens of great eateries, a thriving arts scene, great schools, wonderful neighborhoods and a diverse mix of employment opportunities. As the Money article noted, “Add in dry, clear weather, little crime, good health care, low taxes, and Louisville is pretty tough to beat.”
City of Louisville, Colorado, incorporated in 1882, lies in Boulder County roughly six miles east of the City of Boulder and 25 miles northwest of Denver. The City Council consists of six Council members and the Mayor. At this time, the City owns, either alone or in conjunction with other governmental entities, approximately 1700 acres of designated open space.
Average Elevation: 5,338 feet
Area of City:
5080 Acres/8 square miles
Median Age:
Mean Temperatures:
January – 29.5 degrees F
July – 72.0 degrees F
October – 52.6 degrees F
Days of Sunshine:  275/year
Inches of Rain: 15.5/year
Growing Season:  148 Days
Homes for sale in Niwot Colorado SEARCH below to find your next home or contact Mike Nelson at
720-999-6818 to find out more about Niwots Real Estate

Homes for sale in Niwot Colorado

About Boulder/Niwot
A Lifestyle Like No Other
BoulderColorado was founded in 1859 by explorers seeking the riches of gold. Boulder enjoys a colorful and interesting history.
Boulderites embrace a Green Lifestyle, and Boulder has a history in promoting a Healthy Community Lifestyle. Celestial Seasonings, White Wave (soy food manufacturer),
Wild Oats (now owned by Whole Foods) and Horizon’s Organic Yogurt all started in Boulder.
Visitors can enjoy the benefits of a community created by residents that embrace a healthy, culturally-enriched lifestyle. Whether you
are an outdoor enthusiast, seeking intellectual stimulation or want a relaxing getaway, Boulder offers a variety of experiences for every type of travel. Catch a glimpse of
some of Boulder’s furry and feathery residents while strolling,  hiking or biking through our 300 miles of trails and 45,000 acres of open space, people watch at an outdoor café or restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall, or experience the beauty and tranquility of a one-of-a-kind Persian Teahouse.
Boulder is centrally located in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, just 35 minutes northwest of Denver. The City of Boulder sits 5,430 feet above sea level. Boulder
enjoys 300 plus days for sunshine a year and moderate weather. Last we checked, there were 102,500 residents in Boulder, including about 25,000 students who are enrolled at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Homes for Sale Mead Colorado – Northern Colorado

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Mead Homes for sale SEARCH below to find your next house in Mead or contact Mike Nelson at 720-999-6818 to learn more about the Mead community Real Estate

Homes for sale in Mead Colorado


Uniquely located halfway between the Denver Metro Area and Fort Collins along the I-25 corridor.
Mead is a prime location for your business.
In fact, within 30 miles of I-25 and Welker Street you will find:
The Town of Mead is interested in working with new and existing businesses to help build and
retain our quality of life, jobs and vitality.
  • A population base of over 1.4 million
  • DenverInternationalAirport
  • Three world-class university campuses
  • Seven community college campuses
  • Rocky MountainNational Park
  • Numerous major railroad lines
The Town of Mead has joined a select group of Colorado companies to be recognized as a Colorado Companies to Watch Community Partner. This selection acknowledges the hard work, dedication and contribution of the Town of Mead as a valuable contributor to business development in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.
Mead Mayor Richard Macomber stated, “We are honored to be associated with Colorado Companies to Watch, as so much of our current and growing business sector revolves around second stage companies.”
“We are pleased to recognize the Town of Mead for their outstanding support for businesses Town of Mead,” says Sam Bailey, Colorado Companies to Watch program director.
Colorado Companies to Watch is different from other awards programs. Because the program focuses on our entire state, and not specific industries, it provides an  opportunity to paint a realistic picture of a true statewide economy. Since applicants are evaluated on more than growth, it widens the playing field to companies not often recognized for the critical differences they make in their industry, their community, region and our state.

Homes for Sale Erie, Colorado – Northern Colorado

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Homes for sale in Erie Colorado SEACRH below to find your next home or contact Mike Nelson at 720-999-6818 for more information on Erie Real Estate

Homes For Sale In Erie Colorado

The Town of Erie is located in Boulder and Weld Counties, just west of I-25 for easy access to I-70, Denver International Airport (DIA) and Colorado’s entire Front Range. Residents enjoy moderate, dry climate with more than 340 days of sunshine a year. Erie is perfectly positioned and less than an hour’s drive to cultural events, ski areas and Rocky Mountain National Park.
For those who are unfamiliar with Erie or interested in moving to Erie, check out the Town of Erie website for more information. For the year 2012, the Town is offering
incentives to both homebuyers and commercial brokers.
Quick Facts
Population – 2012       20,000
Median Age    32.5
Households     6,740
Median Household Income    $99,804
Avg Single Family Home Price          $314,000
Avg Commute Time   25 minutes
Acres of Parks & Open Space            346
College Graduates in Population        54%
Population Estimate – 2015     25,650

Homes For Sale Broomfield Colorado

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Brighton Homes for sale SEARCH below to find your next home in Brighton Colorado or contact Mike Nelson at 720-999-6818 for more information on Brighton Real Estate

Homes For Sale In Broomfield

Located about halfway between Denver and Boulder along U.S. 36, the Broomfield area is central to all that Colorado living is known for throughout the world. Local shopping, entertainment and night-life options combined with convenient access to Colorado’s beautiful scenery and year-round outdoor recreation make Broomfield a uniquely vibrant place to live, work and play.

Downtown Denver is just 15 minutes away, and offers Broomfield residents a wide range of world-class entertainment, professional sports and cultural activities. Also just 15 minutes away, Boulder is the quintessential college town, home of the University of Colorado. Boulder offers eclectic entertainment and culture, and a host of outdoor recreation possibilities in a youthful and natural setting.
An influential force in the Colorado economy, the Broomfield area is a burgeoning center of the high-tech, retail and manufacturing industries. Yet, Broomfield City and County Government makes sure the area retains it’s century-old feeling of rural charm. Careful planning and development allow for plenty of open space. Broomfield’s neighboring cities and towns are committed to the same developmental principles, ensuring that residents enjoy the benefits of economic opportunity without sacrificing the promise of Colorado’s nature-oriented lifestyle.