Berthoud Homes For Sale CLICK below to find your next house 720-999-6818

Berthoud Homes For Sale

Price, housing quality, neighborhood conditions, the community, and the town’s location figure into each housing decision. Berthoud
homes range in price from the low $100′s to high $300′s. Acreage properties range in value from the mid $200′s to mid $500′s. Whether you have a growing
family and need to move up to a larger home, or are scaling down to a smaller one, your home can be found in Berthoud.
Berthoud neighborhoods are intact residential areas with stately trees and inviting parks scattered throughout. Roberts
Lake and Park anchor the northern neighborhoods of Berthoud, while Berthoud and Bien Parks
are the focus of the southern area of town. Berthoud has developed a new comprehensive plan and has an active staff addressing all local issues. A home in
Berthoud furnishes easy access to employment centers from Denver north along the Front Range, yet is also an
oasis where your family will experience the quality of life that only a small town can provide.

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