Get to know Mike Nelson

Mike  Nelson


Service before self – Making it all about YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Nelson believes so much in the American dream that he has served his country for 18 years protecting that American dream. He is now having the time of his life in helping others realize their dreams of buying and selling their homes. Service before self – making it all about you! Nothing motivates Mike more than getting to know each client as more than just a client and seeing their smiles when their dreams come true. His experiences have helped shaped him and to engrain in him the importance of integrity and timely and clear communication as being the keys to success in a stress free transaction. He believes so strongly in that, that he commits to each and every client a response within 1 hour of the time he receives the message. You can be assured integrity and communication will never be areas of concern throughout the entire process allowing you the confidence of a successful transaction.

Mike Nelson has a lifetime of a wide array of experiences to draw from and has lived in the Longmont and surrounding areas for over 20 years. His experiences include 18 years of military service of which he is still in the Air National Guard, which included jobs in air traffic control, weapons building, and information technology cyber warfare. He also has 19 years experience in sales facilitation, program and first line management for a local Fortune 500 company.

These experiences have been invaluable when providing client support and being successful within the real estate industry. His years of experience in the military and managing his troops have taught him that it is absolutely critical to have integrity, leadership, be an active listener and the value of teamwork. During his years in corporate America he learned the art of negotiation, marketing, the importance of clear and punctual communication and timely completion of end to end projects or transactions. His experience as a facilitator aides him in being able to clearly articulate each step of the home buying or selling process which allow the client to be confident and informed -putting the client at ease. His goal is to make it a fun and pleasurable experience.

Mike’s true enjoyment comes from helping people obtain their dreams and goals whether it is buyers, sellers or his family. His other passions include being a family man of a beautiful wife of 20 years, 3 children from elementary school to high school and watching each of them succeed either through academics, sports or the little successes of life. He volunteers each year to serve hometown hero’s meals for those working the holidays, visiting wounded warriors, and being a part of youth and high school sports as a coach and as the President of a local high school board.

If you want a professional who puts integrity first, actively listens, keeps the client constantly aware of the status of their transaction and only considers the transaction a success if you feel it was a success then please contact Mike

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